Participation in Athletics

Students who participate in athletics at Monte Vista may need to purchase items such as team attire, and in some cases, pay for transportation and/or lodging on overnight team trips.

For many sports, students are issued equipment and/or uniforms which are the property of the school. Students and their parents are expected to show reasonable care for these items and will be billed for the cost of replacing items which are lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Students whose parents fail to pay bills for uniforms or equipment may not be allowed to participate in athletics until the bill is paid.


All Athletes are required to have their Physical Exam/Athletic forms completed before the first day of practice.  Students who do not have a form on file with the athletics office will not be allowed to participate in practices or games until all forms have been turned in.

*Athletic Fees are due upon the announcement of the team roster by the head coach.

Middle School Athletics Fees:
$50-for each sport

High School Athletics Fees:
$125-Basketball, Golf, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Soccer, Cheer, Cross Country, Track & Field, Wrestling, Volleyball, Swimming


All uniforms must be returned to their coaches one week after each season ends. Uniforms for winter and spring sports will not be issued until fall sports uniforms are returned. Parents will be charged for all uniforms that are not returned to the coach.